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From bean counter to bean roaster.

When my husband Dan and I decided it was time to say good-bye to the United States Air Force, I knew two things: 1) We were moving back home to Alabama and 2) after 20+ years of working in the Accounting field, I was ready for a new challenge.  But what did I want to do?  They say do what you love, but what do I love?  Reading, the color green, and coffee.  It's hard to make a career out of the first two, but coffee, now that's an idea I can get behind.

I've had the privilege of drinking coffee all around the world; cafe au lait in France, Turkish coffee in Turkey, and amazingly roasted coffee in Kyrgyzstan. And sadly, I've suffered through a lot of bad coffee too. I've learned life's too short for bad coffee, so I started Barking Bee Coffee.

Good coffee, like everything else, depends on a good beginning--green coffee beans roasted to perfection.  My promise to my customers is to always offer the best coffee beans available and roast in small batches to bring out the best flavor the coffee has to offer.

I look forward to helping you achieve your caffeine buzz.


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