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Barking Bee Coffee


Coffee has so many unique flavors, and most have never been experienced by coffee lovers. We buy our cup of joe, and mask the burnt or bitter taste with flavors, creamers, and whipped cream.


But coffee, properly roasted coffee, has amazing flavors all on its own. Nutty, floral, fruity, and chocolate flavors all waiting to be discovered.

That is why Barking Bee Coffee specializes in artisanal, small batch roasting. Small batch roasting brings out the naturally delicious flavors of the coffee bean resulting in the best cup of coffee possible.

Our product does not sit waiting on a shelf. You order, we roast, and we ship your coffee to you right away. That way your coffee is freshly roasted when you receive it. You will taste the difference, and you’ll never look at coffee the same way again.

Barking Bee Coffee looks forward to helping you get your caffeine buzz on, because Life is Ruff Without a Buzz!


With every product you purchase,

Barking Bee Coffee will donate a portion of the profits to 3 Hots and a Cot

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